Traditional tools.

Some of the stuff that I use when working traditionally. I love pencils, how they flow across the paper. I've always used 2B pencils because they're just so soft. They do give you a lot of smear tough.

But the best pencil ever made and used by all artists back in the day in the animation industry was a 'Blackwing' 602 pencil, produced by Faber/Castell, which had wax added to the lead.  All the amazing classic animated features were drawn with it and I hear even writers, like John Steinbeck used it exclusively to write all his novels with. It had a very distinctive look, with a square eraser at the end and their catchphrase 'Half the pressure, twice the speed' running on the side of the pencils.

Now, the original 'Blackwings' aren't produced anymore, but a while back, Palomino gave their best to try and reproduce the pencil in matching quality and I must say it's an amazing pencil. They say it's smooth as butter and that's the best way to describe how it feels to draw with it. I also like to use colored pencils when I'm drawing, but I'll leave those for another post.

One of the more annoying things if you're working traditionally, are of course ink stains. That's why I just love this ink from Rohrer & Klingner, it's really black and water proof and it comes in a very handy little eyedropper bottle! Of course you can always emulate this by emptying any eyedropper bottle you can find and putting your own favorite drawing ink in it.

The brush. There are many different kinds, some are synthetic, others are made from natural hair. In my experience, natural brushes tend to have a higher 'learning curve', but they do last longer. The synthetic ones are easier to manipulate (thick to thin) but don't retain their natural form easily, so they have to be replaced much sooner, they are however much cheaper than natural brushes.

I use several, but I love Kolinksy sable brushes from the German company 'Da Vinci'. They're actually used for water color painting, but I like them for inking because they can hold so much ink in the brush. Preferably a small size, like the one depicted on the photo, which is '00'.

Erasers. While I have several, I use the Pentel click eraser the most, which I can hold and use almost the same as my stylus on the Cintiq, when I'm working digitally. It has tube like filling inside the holder which you can adjust downwards and outwards as you reach the end of your tip, really handy.

Oh yeah, the kneaded eraser is actually used more for flexing muscles, warm up or just when you're really anxious and you have a terrible deadline!

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