'Doc Dogmatic' and the CCER 2013.

Just like last year, a lot of artists created artwork for Jon Esparza's 'Crazy Cartoon Experiment'. As before, the main subject was to draw a helium filled dog that was about to bump into a cactus. You can imagine what happens next! Jon asked if I wanted to participate this time around but, I just couldn't leave it at that and created the scene above with some very ingenious mutts and a whole bunch of cactusses! (Click to enlarge).

For this scene, I needed some sort of Mayan pyramid, something resembling the one in Chichen Itza, but far less detailed, something that would fit the cartoony style. I modeled a low poly pyramid in Maya with a little more than 3000 vertices and imported it into Photoshop CC. Using it's native 3D features I integrated it with the rest of the artwork (click to enlarge).

While I was in the middle of things, I came down with the flu. Fortunately, after a few days I felt much better, but had to keep the Mayans as simple as possible to make the deadline. Which wasn't really terrible, as they're supposed to be far away and not have too much detail anyway. Below is a little breakdown of the main characters.



  1. Great work Dave! I enjoyed seeing the progress shots. I hope you are feeling totally well again now!

  2. Haha, thanks Wendy! Feeling A-okay again!